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Advocating For Better Sportsmanship

Using Godly Principles to Inspire
and Train All Roles in Youth Sports

The Vision of TeamScore

Hear from founder Bill Gosse about the importance of TeamScore’s vision and how you can be a part of the movement to bring Christian values back into youth sports.

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What role will you play in improving the sportsmanship environment surrounding youth sports?

It’s a horrible example for our children. Parents berating coaches because their child isn’t getting enough playing time. Adults cursing officials because they disagree with a call. People getting physical with one another after tempers flare. Our youth, the future generation of business leaders, spouses, and parents, are witnessing this in the formative years of their lives. What lessons are they learning? In a world full of anger and division, how can we expect to break this cycle unless our attitudes change?

There is hope, however: sportsmanship.

In an oftentimes dark world, sportsmanship is a ray of sunshine that can thaw the icy relations between people and warm hearts up to empathy and compassion. Plus, sportsmanship has Biblical roots. Refer to Proverbs 24:17-18. As Christians, this is something that we are called by our Heavenly Father to make a priority. As a busy leader, however, where will you find the time? Between running your school, leading your staff, teaching your students, and coaching your players, coming up with content to inspire your stakeholders with the principles of this vitally important topic can be difficult.

This is why TeamScore was founded.

As founder of TeamScore, Bill Gosse partners with schools such as yours to ensure today’s youth are instilled with the values of Christ-centric sportsmanship to ensure a generation of selfless, moral people. Whether it be via public speaking or coaching services, my proprietary content ensures that all five pillars of the youth sports universe are adhering to these values: Parents, Coaches, Officials, Athletes, and Fans.

Imagine your athletes going out of their way to care for one another. Imagine your parents constantly modeling behavior that you’d be proud of. With TeamScore, not only is this possible, it’s probable, and it’d be an honor to minister to your stakeholders in this manner.

When sportsmanship exists, we all SCORE.

Opportunities to
Respect &

“And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”

Colossians 3:17

Meet Bill Gosse

Christian | Sports Enthusiast | Author | Keynote Speaker

Photo of Bill Gosse

From an early age, Bill has been a sports enthusiast. His love for all sports led him to play an active role on all sides, from being a fan, father, former player, coach, and even a registered official over the years. Through these various experiences, Bill has experienced many good things, and has also seen first-hand how the instances of abuse and violence surrounding the game has skyrocketed, and has set out to make a change.

Through TeamScore, Bill’s mission is to reintroduce Godly sportsmanship into the many areas that make up youth sports. We see increased pressure to perform and decreasing respect for all involved in sports. Now is the time to join together to change all aspects of youth sports for the better; to bring back the fun, encouraging, educational benefits of sports and allow kids to learn skills and express themselves in a safe environment. As an avid writer and teacher on this subject, Bill brings his experience and passion to educating parents, players, coaches, officials, and fans on the importance of Godly sportsmanship and respect. Check out his book SCORE: A Guide to Supporting and Instilling Exceptional Sportsmanship and discover how we can make a Kingdom impact together by joining the mission. Bill resides in Green Bay, Wisconsin with his wife Debbie where they are proud parents of five grown boys.