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Two Soccer Players shaking hands

Good Sportsmanship is a Harvest from Many Seeds

Winter finally is gone - knock on wood - and the thoughts of outdoor sports, such as fishing, permeate our mental processes.
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Football Coach talking to team

Coaches Are Critical to Kids

Aside from a child’s parents, there is only one person in youth sports who is more important - a child’s coach.
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Hockey Team Huddle

Rewards Come to Those Who Practice Sportsmanship

This is the season for year-end awards. I would like to bring recognition to some examples of great sportsmanship.
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Group of Fans Celebrating a red team

Don’t Let Clubs Dampen Thrill of Prep Sports

Being part of the football championships as an official gave me another firsthand reminder of how wonderful the high school athletics experience really is.
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Boys and Girls Smiling down at camera

Kids No Longer Getting Decision-Making Lessons

Organized sports can be a great environment for kids to learn decision making skills. Good decision making is a complex process that sometimes takes years to master.
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Words Should Inspire, Not Hurt

Young athletes are looking to please their parents and coaches, and positive affirmations will set them forward on the right path.
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Group of Kids Playing outside

Parents Should Back Off, Let Kids Play

That's what "play" is meant to be—fun! Humans are designed by nature to play and it's not something that's supposed to end after childhood. It's also something that's not supposed
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Dad playing soccer with kids

Let Kids Play For The Right Reasons

It amazes me so many kids are quitting sports before they really get going, before they really understand what the games are all about. Why does this happen?
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Man yelling into a megaphone

Good Sportsmanship Starts With Parents

One question asked the respondents to identify three primary reasons for poor sportsmanship at school sporting events. The most frequent answer? Parents.
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