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Bill Gosse

From an early age, Bill has been a sports enthusiast. His love for all sports led him to play an active role on all sides, from being a fan, father, player, coach, and even a registered official over the years. Through these numerous experiences, Bill has experienced many good things, and has also seen first-hand the trend of increased pressure, translating into skyrocketing instances of abuse and violence surrounding the games. In fact, never before has the youth sports world needed Christian values, dignity, integrity and sportsmanship like today. Through TeamScore, Bill’s mission is to inspire exceptional sportsmanship in youth sports by helping parents, coaches, officials, athletes and fans to learn Godly respect and encouragement while providing a fun and developmental experience for kids and lifelong memories for all. Therefore, now is the time to bring back the educational benefits of sports and allow kids to learn skills and express themselves in a safe environment. Spanning 10 years, Bill wrote almost 500 sportsmanship columns for Gannett Wisconsin, reaching over 250,000 households on a weekly basis. As an avid writer and teacher on this subject, and leadership in general, Bill brings his experience and passion to educating all parties involved.  Check out his book SCORE: A Guide to Supporting and Instilling Exceptional Sportsmanship and discover how we can make an impact together by joining the mission. Also, visit to see how we can make youth sports fun, friendly again, and that kids will want to come back tomorrow!  Bill resides in Green Bay, Wisconsin with his wife Debbie where they are proud parents of five grown boys.

“An athlete is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules.”

2 Timothy 2:5

Keynote Topics

Sportsmanship Fundamentals

In another time, people’s handshake would represent respect and encouragement. What makes up sportsmanship fundamentals today?
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The Roles in Youth Sports

Do you know your role in youth sports? Did you even know there were roles? Learn how to identify your role and carry it out in a Godly manner for
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Playing for Fun

Today’s “me-first” mentality shoulders tremendous pressure on our kids. Learn to establish an environment of fun, so our kids will want to come back tomorrow.
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Preventing Bullying

There’s no room for bullying in life, or in youth sports. Learn how to prevent it in your world.
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Raising Unselfish Kids in a Self-Absorbed World

Youth sports is a great way for learning servanthood. Find out how to do it in today’s world.
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How to be Successful in God’s Eyes

Is success in man’s eyes the same as God’s eyes? Find out the difference.
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Are You Being a Good Listener

God has given us two ears and one mouth for a reason. How we can all be better listeners.
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Run with Perseverance

What does perseverance look like in youth sports? What is God’s perspective?
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The Effects of Sportsmanship on Kids

What are the results of good versus poor sportsmanship? A healthy youth sports environment depends on knowing the difference.
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Coaching Guidelines

How do Hall of Fame coaches make sports fun for kids? Learn how with this lively presentation.
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Additional Keynote Topics

  • Conflict Management
  • Defining Success for Youth Sports
  • Kids Just Want to Play
  • Officials Need to be Leaders
  • Privilege + Commitment = (Enter Mascot Name Here)
  • Six Warning Signs of Hardness
  • Sportsmanship Training Ideas for Parents
  • The State of Youth Sports
  • Teens and Sportsmanship
  • We Must be the Change We Want to See
  • What it Means to be a Winner

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